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I'll tell you a random secret. I love the whopper & chips from the burger vans outside Anfield.

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Anonymous asked: Did you meet any other players?

From Juventus? Yes. I just didn’t bother with the others haha. I didn’t get to meet Pirlo though, shame :( Also, it is against my morals to acknowledge that I met that particular ex-Manc (and he was actually one of the nicest of them all).

morscertio asked: 2, 4, 14

So sorry for replying late, I was on holiday! Anyway here goes:

2: I have several but I will just go with my all time faves — Steven Gerrard, Jordan Henderson, and David Silva.

4: Erm I have a lot haha but I will just pick my top crushes: Martin Kelly, Jordan Henderson, Stewart Downing, Claudio Marchisio, Mats Hummels, David Silva. Emre Can is fast becoming one of the top too.

14: The whole Liverpool team haha. I really want to be mates with Studge! He’s so cool and we’ll have so much fun with the banter and the dancing :)

Thanks hun x

vinlandia asked: Ah, yeah, it's just got a beautiful feeling about it as a whole city, right?? And yes oh my god, horchata is so so good, though I actually haven't had Paella Valenciana! Have you been to many places in Spain?

Yes, I really love it there! It’s such a special place. Omg you have to try Paella Valenciana. It’s the best thing ever. It’s the best kind of paella, in my opinion. I’ve only been to Valencia and Barcelona in Spain, but I plan to visit more cities :) how about you?

Guys omg guys sorry if this isn’t Liverpool related I just need to share this to everyone I got to meet Claudio Marchisio (aka my prince aka amore mio aka one of the loves of my life) and oh my dear lord I nearly died when I looked into his beautiful blue eyes and he looked back into mine and when he spoke to me his voice is amazing and his smiles ahhh oh my god he is such a nice person I got to hug him and I have an epic selfie with him but I will not post it because reasons

Fernando Llorente is another story omg their friendship ahhh so cute they’re such BFFs and Fernando is also so so nice and especially nice to us because we were the only ones who spoke to him en español omg dear lord

They are both gorgeous and beautiful and perfect it’s unfair on the world oh my god I really cannot deal with this I don’t know what to do with myself I’m so sorry

This is such a fangirly post I’m so sorry

send me a number → football edition

  • 1: favourite team
  • 2: favourite footballer
  • 3: favourite national team
  • 4: football crush
  • 5: best player in the world
  • 6: favourite wag
  • 7: favourite son
  • 8: favourite football blog
  • 9: ugliest footballer in the world
  • 10: sexiest footballer in the world
  • 11: a footballer i hate
  • 12: a football team i can't stand
  • 13: a footballer i'd love to date
  • 14: a footballer i'd love to be friend with
  • 15: a footballer i'd love to watch a match with
  • 16: a footballer i'd love to meet
  • 17: a footballer i'd love to get drunk with
  • 18: my top 5 footballers

vinlandia asked: It's totally fine :) Yeah, I went this year, and it's beautiful, I absolutely love Valencia! Have you been a lot?

No, not really. But I’ve been around and I love the city so much, it really is so beautiful. I love it’s old charm and the vibe and just everything about it ♥ I love the horchata and paella Valenciana too ;)

Damnit Kells. He’s really left Liverpool. After 17 years man I can’t believe this ugh fuck fuck fuck I hate this bye crying over my broken heart 😭

vinlandia asked: Ah, I knew it! I sort of convinced myself it wasn't right, but I thought it was!

Yep, you’re right! Have you ever been there? :) sorry if I often reply late btw, I’m not always on Tumblr these days x

Beautiful team goal — Henderson 62”, LFC 4-0 BVB

vinlandia asked: Hey, so I have to ask, where is that background picture? It's driving me mad because I know I know, and I know I've been there, I just can't remember! :)

So sorry for the delayed response! It’s in Valencia :)